Privacy Policy

Wolfson Solution

At Wolfson Solution, we keep in our mind the client satisfaction and our relationship with the clients prior to anything else. We prioritize our client privacy above everything, and we remain aware of our company reputation for our prospective clients as well. If you want to know about any information related to our business or service policies, then you can contact ………..

We want some information from our clients while taking a project from him, such as,

  • Name of the client
  • His email address for further communication
  • Email correspondence history of the client.

The non public information of the clients is secure and safe with us, and we collect the information on forms, applications, documents and so on with our clients. Our website gathers the information about the visitors and the prospective clients through surveys and registration agreements and questionnaires in the official website of Wolfson Solution. Wolfson Solution may bring together credit card or bank account numbers of their clients for further usage, but that also with the consent of the client only.


Wolfson Solution gathers the information about their clients to endow them with our service related information to them, but we never disclose any non public information about our clients to any third party without the consent of our client. The information can only be used from the end of Wolfson Solution to improve the client communication and the services provided by the company and for the bill subscription procedure.

You can express your wish to use your data in any kind of company usage, and in any case you do not want us to use them ever for any kind of our company purpose, then you can be assured of the fact that without your consent no single information will be put anywhere for marketing or any other purpose. You can send an email to us anytime expressing your personal preferences about your information.

Storage of Private information of the clients:
The information about the clients of Wolfson Solution is secured and they are collected in a safe place, where the client does not worry about any misplacement of the data being provided to Wolfson Solution. We will assure that the client’s database is treated securely and safely according to our privacy policy.

Wolfson Solution protect the data provided by the clients with standard firewall and in complete password protection, so that no one can be able to use the information without the client’s wish. The client will be equally assured of the data to be misplaced and changed by any means.

Wolfson Solution provide a website for the clients to access the information about the services of the company offers, and the security policy we offer delineates the standards applied for the reason of safeguarding the data that the clients provide while accessing the website.